Warehouse management and outsourcing

The strategic business choice between maintaining the logistics function internally, ie. carry it out with your own organization or, alternatively, entrust it to third parties specialized in the sector, ie outsourcing it, depends on numerous factors linked to the type of product and its processing, the degree of organization and the level of culture present on the subject.
The role of logistics in recent years has progressively affirmed above all in function of the evolution of the world distribution panorama. In business strategies, the new organizational models favor the choice of a single manager able to coordinate and integrate the different phases of the logistic process. All with a fundamental objective: to optimize time and costs in the movement of goods.
<p>But the path of outsourcing cannot be covered only as a matter of cutting costs but also to improve the efficiency and service provided to the customer. The path of isolation and doing alone is demonstrated in many cases loser, compared to the reliance on external operators who have the possibility of investment, know-how and creativity surely more high.
The outsourcing takes place according to the consequential scheme shown below:


  • The outsourcing of logistic services & egrave; in constant development both in Italy and in other European countries;
  • On the one hand, companies have a tendency to outsource the activities; accessory;
  • From the other side, the providers of logistic services expand and modify the offer;
  • The service provider receives the products directly from the production, stores them, receives shipping instructions, prepares the matches, sends them, transports them and delivers them, provides all the documentation and accounting requirements; >
  • The service provider can manage carry out a series of ancillary operations such as repackaging, personalization, labeling, invoicing, marking, inventory management;
  • An efficient and fast information link with the client company is required;
  • The outsourcing normally applies to finished products, but could also refer to materials and raw materials;
  • Other clients of the outsourcing can be:
    • Large Retailers;
    • importers;
    • the companies that partly produce and partly buy or import


  • The distribution of finished products is closely related to customer service issues and quality standards & agrave;
  • A specialized company can produce better guarantee both the service and the quality
  • A specialized company can produce better guarantee the flexibility; compared to:
      • volume changes
      • customization of delivery conditions


The service provider can achieve efficiency:
  • in the storage phases
  • during the preparation of the matches
  • in transport and distribution in information and administrative systems
The convenience of outsourcing can derive precisely from the efficiency achievable in these sectors


In the years in which we have operated in the Outsourcing sector we have been able to see how the SUPPLY CHAIN <BR> cannot disregard the optimization of the company logistics system.
In particular, we realized how important the physical connection between the different companies that belong to a company is.
On the basis of these considerations we organize our services for SMEs .....

Warehouse logistics

We manage all material flows within the company, guaranteeing the order and logic of storage. In particular:
  • we handle the materials with suitable means;
  • we use storage equipment designed for size and following modern technology;
  • we use wooden packaging (pallets, wooden containers, trolleys, cages, etc.) and packaging in thermo (heat-shrink polyethylene) appropriately designed and manufactured to respect the bulk, shape and physical and mechanical characteristics of the material to be transported;
  • we perform all logical operations quickly and safely through the use of WMS (Warehouse Management System), BarCode readers or RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier)
  • Trained and qualified staff to carry out any initiative without ever losing the main objective suggested by the ABC Logic (Activity Based Costing), thus keeping the expenses within the set limits.

Inbound logistics

We transport all goods and materials from your suppliers to the company, we guarantee certain and rapid times, including transport safety and optimization of loads. In other words we can ......
  • Input material management
  • Identification of packages
  • Article code creation
  • Material integrity check
  • Storage of goods
  • Identification of storage codes

Outbound logistics

We are able to transfer all the value created in the company to customers and as for incoming logistics we can guarantee speed and punctuality, efficiency and safety in transportation.
  • Customer order management (picking, order preparation)
  • Packaging
  • packing
  • Labeling
  • Packing list formulation
  • Inventory



Warehouse management and outsourcing

The strategic business choice between maintaining the logistics function internally

Roofs for the preservation of materials

We use  certified products and supplied by the best companies in the sector

Tertiary packaging for the transport of goods

Ever faster evolution and timing for the needs of companies


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