Our Mission & management


We want to be the ideal partner for large companies and Italian entrepreneurial realities for roofing with shrink film and wooden packaging and at the same time organizing and managing their warehouses by taking care of shipments all over the world.

Provide the best solutions in terms of time, cost, management, punctuality and service with the most excellent assistance and expertise to keep the courtesy and professionalism that has always set us apart.


Protagonists in the service tertiarisation sector

Protagonists in the service tertiarisation sector

Protagonists in the service tertiarisation sector

Protagonists in the service tertiarisation sector

The professionalism, competence and reliability of the operating team guarantee constant attention to market demands, always keeping process innovation and the continuous improvement of the quality offered as an objective.

Our mission, shared internally with our staff and externally with our clients / partners, guarantees a coordinated service and an image that is consistent with business targets and objectives.

With the experience gained "in the field" and with qualified personnel, we provide targeted solutions

planning and analysis

planning and analysis
  • Layout
  • Processi formativi ed informativi di magazzino
  • Riorganizzazioni
  • Terziarizzazioni di Servizi Logistici
  • Packaging

Manages supports and develops

Manages supports and develops
  • Start UP
  • Rapporti Commerciali
  • Software Selection

Politica della qualità

The New Logistic Quality Policy is to provide services with levels of reliability and
qualities superior to the needs and explicit and implicit expectations of the customer. The goal is to achieve arecognition of professionalism and innovation, gaining the trust of the customer and establishing itselfas a reference point for public and private clients for the provision of logistic account servicesthird parties: warehouse management, material handling, packaging and preservation. Provision of washing services industrial components for third parties. Design and implementation of industrial packaging systems. For this purpose it is a Quality Management System was established, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.


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