NEW LOGISTIC was a pioneer in the outsourcing warehouse throughout southern Italy.
Today we are the only company from Naples down to offer heat shrings covers for shipments and special covers for boats and military vehicles.
We protect products, machinery, equipment, work processes and temporary installations.

why choose new logistic


Our customers choose New Logistic not only for the quality of the services, but also for the flexibility with which we put ourselves at their disposal, because we look at their requests with a constructive spirit, because we accompany them step by step towards their goals and because we assist them until their complete satisfaction is verified.
These are our principles:
  • dedication to customer service
  • respect for our people
  • the ability to always get back in the game

quality policy

The New Logistic Quality Policy is to provide services with levels of reliability and qualities superior to the needs and explicit and implicit expectations of the customer. The goal is to achieve arecognition of professionalism and innovation, gaining the trust of the customer and establishing itselfas a reference point for public and private clients for the provision of logistic account servicesthird parties: warehouse management, material handling, packaging and preservation.
Provision of washing services industrial components for third parties. Design and implementation of industrial packaging systems. For this purpose it is a Quality Management System was established, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.



New Logistic

New Logistic is a cooperative that has a great experience and expertise in the management and development of specialized services in the areas of logistics and outsourcing of activities.

It is appreciated for the diversity of services offered and for its high flexibility


New Logistic

We offer our clients as an alternative partner for outsourcing processes, offering a series of related services while maintaining absolute flexibility, which is now required by the entire production world.


New Logistic

The key points of the company policy are:

  • Flexibility
  • Problem solving
  • EHS
  • Customer satisfaction
Offering innovative solutions and highly qualified performance, ensuring to the client the correct management of the personnel involved

Quality check

New Logistic

The shared responsibility for performance requires us to constantly monitor the KPIs while ensuring a high degree of efficiency and quality of the services performed


Whether it is a warehouse to manage or the most sophisticated product to be packaged, our job is to protect the work of our customers, so that they can concentrate on their business to the utmost, without worrying about how to arrange and pack their products.

We are a dynamic, attentive company, ready for any challenge. Our staff is motivated, enthusiastic and always able to respond promptly to specific needs, with a positive spirit and always aimed at creating added value.

Standard detection

Activity constantly monitored with cutting-edge tools

security guarantee

Guarantee and maximum compliance with current safety standards

Managerial Competence Center

Consulting, management and management assistance for companies

Problem solving

Identification of critical points for improving service quality

Search and selection

We invest in human capital using the best technologies

Automatic R.F. logistics e Voice-Pickingr

Optimization and simplification of operational management

Meet Our Advisor

Nicola PETTINATOPresidente Consiglio Amministrazione
Manager aziendale con provata esperienza e conoscenza di gestione ed controllo di tutte le attività operative di magazzino, dal ricevimento al picking. Assicura l'ottimizzazione delle attività logistiche con pianificazioni e controllo.

Contatta il nostro esperto


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